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iallogoAfter years as a traditionally published author of books and magazine articles, I’ve gone indie. Well, hybrid, you might say. This means that I’ve essentially taken charge of my career by independently publishing my work, while also taking on traditional ventures as time allows. I write, publish, and sell from wherever my steps take me ~ and if you are a writer, or aspire to be, you can, too (Italy, perhaps??).

To celebrate, I’ve started a new blog called INDIE AUTHOR LIFELINE. This blog is for anyone brave enough to follow their dreams into independent publishing. Sound like you? If so, come on over to: http://indieauthorlifeline.com

I’d love to see you 🙂


Keep it calm

All Was Calm by Julie Carobini

For those who enjoy a cozy mystery with your holidays, All Was Calm has been making its way onto Kindle readers and PCs everywhere. Woot! I’ve also noticed that readers over at Goodreads have been reviewing it quite a lot … thank you! So far, though, there aren’t any reviews on Amazon, so if you happen to be one of those Goodreads reviewers, would you mind adding yours to Amazon? Would so appreciate that! (And I’ll take new reviews too, haha 🙂 )

99¢ for a limited time!

WoSG ad thunderclapUpdate:  The sale mentioned below has completed, but the price has not yet reverted to its original 4.99.  Right now it’s on sale for $2.99 (but only for a ltd. time). Happy Reading!

Rare sale going on right now for Walking on Sea Glass. All ebook platforms are only 99¢ for the next couple of days. Here are some links for you!:

Amzn:  http://amzn.to/27TXTRm

B&N:  http://bit.ly/2bClFNQ

iBooks: http://apple.co/27TYh2j

Kobo:   http://bit.ly/20GIUVd

GP:      http://bit.ly/1pYEtsh

Have a beachy week, my friends ~ wherever you are!

Freebie on Goodreads

Walking on Sea Glass by Julie CarobiniA couple of paperback copies of Walking on Sea Glass are up for grabs. You can enter to win one of them at this Goodreads link!



Love and War and Snow

theChristmasThiefSleeves! I’m so excited to tell all of you who do not live in CA that this morning I’m wearing sleeves! It’s been so hot, hot, hot in our state lately that I was beginning to wonder if fall would ever come. Not to mention winter! But the leaves are indeed turning and falling from my white birch, and though we still have days that spike upwards in the 70s, fall is (sorta) here. Yay … that means that maybe, maybe, MAYBE we’ll get some winter.

Can I get an Amen??!

Ah. Well. Despite the stubborn sunshine (I actually like that part), Christmas is on its way. I can feel myself thinking about the days leading up to the birthday of our beloved Christ child and how that calls me to slow down, to pray, to renew. Some may say that this has nothing to do with cooler weather, and hey, I’m no theologian, but let’s just say I’m thankful for the triggers that get my overactive brain to take it down a notch and focus on what’s important.

Or as Lorelai Gilmore says, “Everything’s magical when it snows….”  (Beach dwellers replace snow with “gets a little dusky with a cool foggy breeze blowing in”…. 🙂

p.s. The title is a nod to Gilmore Girls, for the uninformed. Ahem.

p.p.s. And The Christmas Thief (A Cottage Grove Mystery Novella) releases today exclusively on Amazon ~ woot!

Be Inspired – Women of Heart

BeInspiredToday is release day for the Woman of Heart Collection – 5 inspirational novels for a limited time price of $0.99. First time one of my books has been bundled with those of other authors, and we’ve had a blast working together 🙂

A huge shout out and THANKS to all who spread the word through social media! We all appreciate you so much.

If you haven’t heard of this collection yet, let me tell you what it includes:

That Dog Won’t Hunt by Brandilyn Collins
The Quarryman’s Wife by Mary DeMuth
Finding Amanda by Robin Patchen
Callie by Sharon Srock
… and Sweet Waters by me 🙂

You may have read Sweet Waters, but I hope you’ll consider picking up the collection to discover four precious authors and their books. Here’s where you can download a copy:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZYBN7J6
B&N: http://is.gd/5zLe5S
iBooks: http://is.gd/3hmxHH
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/women-of-heart

Happy fall … and happy reading!

Viva la spiaggia

reimersWe’ve been spoiled out on the coast this year. True, we’ve had little rain – not so good – but the sun has been out and the breezes warm. What’s not to love about that?

Regardless, my daughter still plans to move to Italy next week to finish her last year of college. I keep reminding her that if she stays home near mama, the beach life will be hers all year long. But what do I get for my efforts??

Ciao!  Buongiorno!  Arrivederci!


Maybe I’m a little jealous. She’s already lived in two major US cities, in England, and soon, she’ll be in Italy, where “the soul exists partly in eternity and partly in time” (Ficino).

I may have ridden the tube through London, and strolled the Champs-de-Elysees in Paris, but I’ve never sojourned in an Italian vineyard or prayed in the Vatican – nor eaten homemade pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for that matter. (They do that there, right?)

So maybe this upcoming trip of hers isn’t such a bad idea. Or better yet, maybe she needs a roommate (say, one who looks like her, um, older sister … if she had an older sister). And while she’s studying, someone will have to roam the nearby beaches, you know, to scope out the best ones … yes, maybe this is not a bad idea at all.  Viva la spiaggia!

Beach Reading Tips

chocobeachYears of summer reading inspired me to become a writer of beach fiction. Hopefully, you’ll find some peaceful time by the water this summer—be it an ocean, lake, or river. With that in mind, here are a few tips for the beach reader in you :

Be selective
Can’t decide which book to read? Don’t overload your bag with too many choices. Remember, the beach is for chillin’ – not stressing over decisions or sore muscles from a heavy bag. Seriously, do yourself a favor: pick a favorite genre and stick with that.

If you have an e-reader, make sure yours is readable in bright sunlight. My e-reader has a no-glare screen, but not all of them do, so check before bringing it along. And, of course, make sure to charge it up!

Share books
My mom and I swap books all the time, so I nearly swooned when I recently found a free library nestled in the garden of a beach cottage. I soon learned more about this growing community (http://littlefreelibrary.org) outreach that encourages participants to “take a book, return a book.” Or think about starting a book swap with your friends this summer.

Ear buds
Love the sounds of the waves and the sea breeze? Me too. But what if you find yourself lounging near a raucous party, or—and this happened to me recently—someone skimming the sand with a metal detector. Beep … beep … beep! Stay sane and bring a pair of headphones—just in case.

Vacation reading and finger foods go together like peanut butter and jelly. But keep it easy and messy-free by bringing munchies like cheese sticks, mini burritos (tortillas with your favorite stuffing, rolled up and cut in half), grapes, pretzels, and of course, lots of H20! (Personal fave: small cans of Perrier 🙂

Wishing you a summer full of beachy days … with book (or ebook) in hand!

Interview & Chance to Win

Mocha Sunrise borderI’m over on Trish Perry’s blog this week telling my random secrets and other fun stuff :-).  Stop by for my interview for a chance to win a signed print copy of Mocha Sunrise.

Ebook collection dealio – one week left

Happy Saturday! We’re getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day a little early with a pool party at my parents’ house. It’s usually foggy here inThe Chocolate Series Box Set FINAL June, but – whoo hoo – we awoke to sunshine :). Taking advantage of that, for sure.

Wanted to pop in and let you know that this is the last week for the $0.99 deal on The Chocolate Beach Collection. This one ebook contains all three of my beachy chocolate novels – including the newest one, Mocha Sunrise.

So many have picked up a copy that this collection has been #1 in many categories on both Amazon and Kobo! So, thank you!!! If you haven’t had a chance to get it, and would like to, here’s where you can grab a copy:


Happy summer, friends! Tell me about your adventures, okay?

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